Management Philosophy and Code of Conduct

Management Philosophy

With “love and respect for people” as our core values, We are committed to be a “Good Company” that can always be trusted upon.

Code of Conduct

1. Management Policy

are committed to consistently enhancing the corporate values of Inabata & Co.,Ltd. not only for our shareholders, business partners and employees, but for all our stakeholders.

2. Compliance

We are committed to compliance with the law and all rules of society. We will strive to keep our management transparent and open to society through timely and appropriate disclosure.

3. Business

Constantly aware of Inabata & Co.’s pioneering spirit from the days of our founding, we are committed to operating globally combining its clearly articulated targets and strategies, speed, outstanding planning and specialized capabilities, as well as its unique and multifunctional expertise.

4. People

We are committed to create tradition, with people treasuring unyielding integrity, good citizenship, trust, and robust spirit of independence

5. Corporate culture

We are committed to nurturing a corporate culture that respects creativity and diversity, providing the opportunity for all to challenge towards their dreams with happiness and gain fair evaluation of their performance- regardless of nationality, gender, age, or when they joined the company.

6. Environment and community

We, as good corporate citizens, are communicated to conserving the environment, while contributing to further prosperity of local communities.

QHSE Policy

We are PT. S-IK Indonesia, the professional in coloring and compounding plastic, committed :

  • PT. S-IK Indonesia, are aware that Customer Satisfaction is the key factor for our success. To be survived in this hard competition, we have to win the market competition with good product / service, and safety.

  • Prevent and eliminate hazards dand reduce the health and safety risk.

  • Active to the protection of the environment with reducing the consumption of natural resources and waste, and prevent pollution.

  • Comply with legal and related requirements

  • Continual improvement of the QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental) Management System

  • Establishing and Consistently reviewing the QHSE Objective and Target

  • Consultation and participation of workers and worker’s representative

  • Provide safety and healthy working condition for prevention of work related injury and ill health


We are PT. S-IK Indonesia, the professional in coloring and compounding plastic, committed:


S : Satisfaction of Customer

I : Improvement of Performance Continually

K : Keys of our success are : Good Product, On Time Delivery, Reasonable Price.

Health, Safety & Environment

S : Safe and comfortable for employee

I : Increase the awareness of Employee about Health, Safety and Environment

K : Keep Green Environment

  1. To cherish integrity and respect for people. (ethics)

  2. To continually challenge the limits with high ideals, big dreams and great passion. (aspiration)

  3. To prize dialogue and teamwork, and to treasure professional growth of employees. (organization)

  4. To become the best partner of our clients, providing solutions from the clients’ standpoint. (role)

  5. To grow with people across borders, sharing and respecting diverse values with the aim of co-prosperity. (symbiosis)

Management Philosophy and Our Mission:

People come first, based on the spirit of “love (ai)” and “respect (kei)”, and together we strive towards contributing to the development of society.